Investment Strategy

ASIM has a clear and differentiated investment strategy in the Swiss market. The main objective is to generate capital appreciation while minimizing risks of loss. 
The investment strategy is based on alpha generation. The focus is on quality companies, whose growth is steady, the balance sheet strong, the generation of cash after investments signifiant and the return on invested capital. The fundamental financial analysis is at the heart of the investment strategy. Our resources are devoted to analysing companies. Regular contacts with the companies under coverage are made. Detailed financial models, constantly updated are prepared. The valuation method is based on the future cash flows generated by the company, the quality of its assets and business, and the stability and duration of its profits. This valuation technique allows to concentrate the investments in securities whose estimated profit or cash flow prices are undervalued. 
Performance as of October 20232023Benchmark 202320222021InceptionBenchmark Inception
AS Swiss Equity Long/Short ²-0.7%SRC 10G SMI Risk Control : -3.1%-15.4%¹2.1%25.9%11.2%²
AS Swiss Equity Cadmos Eng. CH ³1.9%SPI : -0.9%-26.2%32.7%13.2%15.5%
Cadmos Swiss Eng. (Lux) Ucits-0.3%SLI TR : 2.4%-27.4%31.7%84%78.5%

¹ To July 2022 HFRX Equity Edge CHF / Since August 2022 SRC10G     ² Inception Sept. 2009     ³ Inception July 2020

NAV 10/31/2023 CHF 183.97

AS Swiss Equity Cadmos Engagement is a long-only Swiss equity fund. The fund aims for regular long-term capital growth with a lower correlation to the markets…

NAV 10/31/2023 CHF123.54

AS Swiss Equity Long/Short is a long-short Swiss equity fund with an equity hedge strategy. Net market exposure can range from…

NAV 10/31/2023 CHF 183.97

Cadmos – Swiss Engagement Fund is a long-only fund in Swiss equities, following the UCITS rules. The fund aims for steady capital growth over the long term…

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