Dynamism, stability, security and openness to the world are the main features of Switzerland’s booming economy.

At the heart of this privileged environment, the Swiss stock market offers a wide range of opportunities. Thanks to its specialized expertise, the AS Investment Management team guides investors wishing to benefit from the attractiveness of Swiss equities and their favorable balance between risks and return prospects.

State-of-the-art companies with an international focus

The Swiss economy is replete with leading companies in their field, from pharmaceuticals, consumer goods and financial services to industrial, energy and technology sectors.

With strong fundamentals and a strong capacity for innovation, many Swiss companies are showing steady growth in sales and earnings, which translates into strong performance in the stock market. Their exposure to international markets represents a considerable asset in that it allows investors to participate indirectly in global growth.

An environment conducive to value creation

Invariably at the top of the international rankings of competitiveness and innovation, the WEF and the IMD, Switzerland benefits from a unique ecosystem in the world. In addition to its institutional stability, the country is distinguished by the quality of its infrastructure, coupled with attractive framework conditions for companies. Switzerland is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its universities, the level of its research as well as its training system. A reasonable level of public debt, a relatively low unemployment rate and limited inflation give Switzerland a significant comparative advantage among developed economies.

The advantage of an exceptionally stable currency

The Swiss franc appears unquestionably among the strongest currencies in the world. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the Swiss currency has increased on average by 0.7% per annum against the dollar. Considered as a safe haven, the Swiss franc reacts positively to political and economic risks that can create uncertainty in the financial markets.