Investment Strategy

AS Swiss Equity Fund – AS Swiss Equity Cadmos Engagement is a long-only Swiss equity fund. The fund aims for regular long-term capital growth with a lower correlation to the markets.

The portfolio management is active, based on alpha generation. The ESG buy and careR philosophy is at the core of the investment strategy. The fund offers a combination of investments in value and growth stocks.



A convincing performance: The mirror fund Cadmos Swiss Engagement outperformed its benchmarks SPI and SLI TR. The fund received a 5-star rating from Morningstar.


Performance normalized of AS Swiss Equity Cadmos Eng. since July 2020 vs. SPI Index (and Cadmos Swiss Engagement Lux. from March 2014 to June 2020)


Investment Methodology

Fundamental Analysis: The managers focus on quality companies, whose growth is constant and regular over the long term. Detailed financial models are constantly updated. Frequent contacts with the managements of the companies as well as their competitors are maintained.

Clear and transparent strategy: The fund offers a simple and transparent management strategy through investments in quality equities.

Active management: The fund does not seek to replicate the benchmark but to generate alpha. In the Swiss equity fund category, it generally has a lower beta and a high tracking error.

Shareholder engagement: Dialogue is initiated with companies on financially material environmental, social and governance issues. Thus the findings are integrated into the fundamental analysis of companies.

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